Wyndham Vale Adults Judo And BJJ Classes Step Up Intensity

Adults Judo Ground Fighting-Wyndham ValeThe Wyndham Vale Adults Kaizen classes are almost back to full size with people getting over winter flues and colds, so the intensity of the training sessions is really stepping up and the students are feeling it with some sore muscles. The benefits are really showing through, people that could barely do one single length of the mats for arm pull overs and were totally wrecked after just one are now powering through the sets.

We have a very large number of females that train with us and one of the ladies has lost 14kgs since her training started 5 months ago which is a fantastic effort, more importantly is the level of energy and drive that she has, it’s just incredible to watch and it gives me so much pride as the instructor. To see the increase and thought process of so many that attend it is truly heart lifting.

Judo Ouchi-gari ThrowWe started off the last Thursday training session as normal with running, knees up, back kicks, backward stretch running and then a series of stretching exercises. The class had a small water break before the next phase of Judo and BJJ training commenced.

We set out the running cones at different distances on the mats and the class had to run individually through a sequence of cone and floor touches, just when they though they were done another combination set was called, you could really hear and feel the cardio workout they got. This was complemented by a strong set of leg workout exercises focusing on the explosive power required in Kodokan Judo to create or make up distance on your opponent as well as execute powerful Judo throws.

The class then moved into lesson mode and the continued movement through the Kodokan Judo Gokyo no Waza Group 1 techniques. Specifically the quick review of  Deashi-harai, Hiza-guruma, Sasae-tsurikomi-ashi, Uki-goshi, Osoto-gari and O-goshi. The next on the list was Ouchi-gari or in English Large Outer Reap and the night was designed to take the class through the entry of the throw, adding the Kuzushi or breaking of balance of your opponent and then the correct execution of the throwing action to completion.

Judo Ne-waza - BJJ Ground GrapplingThe adult class is progressing quickly and they are picking up not only the basic movements of the throws but also the technical correctness required to action this throw with a solid level of precision. As a first run through the techniques the students did really well. It is really great to see this group working as a team and the level of respect and co-operation that is building between them is satisfying.

Training with a friendly, focused and committed group of people means the level of skill is built much faster!

This month moving into next month is about positional escapes and finishes, so the ground work component will be quite high over the next few weeks it will be great to let you know how the team progresses. There is one more grading before the end of year and if the current progress is maintained everyone in this class will be ready!