The Power Of Learning Judo For Kids

Judo for Kids - Judo ThrowIt saddens me on a regular basis to see how Judo gets under played in comparison with BJJ, when parents come into the club they most often say ” I want my kids to do bjj” and it takes a lengthy discussion to over come the marketing that has been done though television and movies including the UFC… yes marketing works!!

Once I show the parents and explain that Judo is as effective and skillful on the ground as any bjj and I show them that most if not all of the BJJ techniques are based in Judo they are generally happy to put their kids into the Judo classes.

Kids Judo Medal WinnersMy own children win bjj matches without ever having been specifically taught BJJ, what they learned is strong Kuzushi ( breaking an opponents balance ), Nage-waza ( the throwing techniques ) and Katame-wasa (  the grappling techniques ) and that makes for a near unbeatable combination in most kids matches. I also show parents what their children will be learning over time including the 40 Gokyo no Waza and parents are truly amazed at the depth of skill required in the art of Judo.

Kristopher Medal WinnersWhat I find is that the kids that are in the classes are having so much fun learning and participating in the Judo training that they just do not want to stop and in fact are disappointed when it is time to come off the mats.

Judo provides the solid foundations of development for children’s physical, mental and inner strength, It is also worth noting while I am writing this that Judo unlike BJJ provides our children with a path to Olympic competition if this in fact is something that the student and the parents wish to pursue.

Take the time to fully investigate the true power and skill you will be providing your children by enrolling then in our Judo Program at Kaizen Martial Arts Australia.

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