Street Effective Judo Seminar in Hoppers Crossing

Old School Judo Delivers Effective and Efficient Self Defence

We have just been so busy that i have not had time to post any photos from the Tri Seminar Sensei Garry did recently with Master Nick from Conduit Hapkido… Sensei demonstrated Street Effective Judo showing old school Judo throwing and Ne-waza ( ground fighting ) including throws to wrist locks.

A massive thank you to Master Nick Conduit and the team at Conduit Hapkido, thanks to our coaches Caine and Mike to putting themselves through the pain that was delivered during a 6+ hour training session.

And we cannot forget to give a huge thank you to Master Photographer Elly Conduit for these amazing photos only a few of the 200+ from the day…. More to come in the school holiday break