Shotokan Karate and Kodokan Judo on display in Wyndham Vale

Shotokan Karate Wyndham Vale Ready StanceOn Saturday May 10th our 6-10 group and 11-16 students along with Alan from our adults class put on two excellent Shotokan Karate and Kodokan Judo demonstrations in support of the Wyndham Vale Community Learning Centres Open Day which was a fantastic success. This was also a great opportunity to let our community know what we do at Kaizen Martial Arts Australia.

Despite the cold and rainy weather there was a terrific turnout at the centre in Wyndham Vale. We started each demonstration with an impressive Shotokan Karate display of punching, blocking, stances and balance exercises. The loud call of each kiai attracting more and more people wanting to check out the commotion.

Shotokan Karate Kids Upper Block

We then proceeded rolling into the forward judo rolls of Kodokan Judo. Our kids all showed nerves of steel when it came to showing off their Kuzushi – breaking balance skills and moving seamlessly into hold down positions such as Hon-kesa-gatame – scarf hold.

Kodokan Judo Wyndham Vale Kuzushi 1Next it was straight into the throws and boy there were lots of oohs and aarrhs coming from the excited on lookers as we showed Osoto-gari – large outer reap. Everyone in the packed room looked on in astonishment as they witnessed one of our small students, Keanu, throw Sensei using a gigantic Tomoe-nage – circular throw, thus proving the point that using Kodokan Judo technique can be the great equaliser between large and small opponents.

Kodokan Judo Wyndham Vale O GoshiNow it was time for Sensei to demonstrate a massive O-goshi – large hip throw with Alan who finished the landing with a perfect break fall while the younger members of the large gathering looked on with interest and curiosity. The audience was amazed and thrilled, and the parents and families were proud at the skill and confidence displayed by everyone of our Kaizen Martial artists. To finish off each session we moved into seiza – a formal sitting position and then bow.

Our kids were enjoying themselves so much on the mat that some of the spectators wanted to join the fun.  Speaking of fun, Joshua wasn’t shy to join in the action and to show everyone his very cool and very slick zumba moves.

Thank you to all of the Wyndham Vale community who came along and helped make the day so much fun also to the Kaizen Martial Arts Australia club members who came along in support of your club and the Wyndham Vale Community Learning Centre Open Day. We look forward to next years event.