Shotokan Karate Kata – The Kids Shine


Kids Shotokan Karate At Its Best In Wyndham Vale

Tonight’s class was a real eye opener for several reasons, the first was the shear talent of the kids karate in today’s class, they worked through their first grading kata and did it with Shotokan Karate Kids Training Community Hallenthusiasm and passion. Each and every student was a picture of martial arts concentration, the kind of focused concentration you would expect from kids much older than those training.

The kids ability to watch, listen, learn and then do is amazing, it makes you so proud to see the achievement of these karate kids in such a short period of time… well done all of you.

Tonight we also did punching drills with partners and again the technical improvements were fantastic, the focus points are keeping the shoulders in line, strongly formed fists, punching to the centre line, punching with the right knuckles at the correct angle… a lot to remember for these kids in just a simple punch.

Shotokan Karate Kids FocusThen we did pad drills, one line doing the combination punches, one line doing groin snap kicks and the final line doing elbow strikes, this was done to a rotation with each group running through and then the groups rotating to the next line to complete the next circuit.

The class was completed with the mandatory tag games, martial arts style and the kids had a chance to really let it all out, then we slowed everything down with some kneeling position breathing and bring the kids minds to a peaceful state before sending them home with their parents.

Well done students, you are making me very proud and more important you should be proud of your own achievements so far, we have much to cover over the next 2 months so that i can have many of you ready for your first grading so focus, train hard , practice at home and most of all…….have fun!

Kids Karate In Wyndham Vale Rocks


Shotokan Karate Kids Gradong GroupNOTE: Parents please note that we have reached student capacity in the classes and hopefully we will have 2 more classes before the end of the month, as stated tonight only members on the training floor and then if there is any spots left.. trial class attendees can go on as directed. Training preference will always be given to members first and trial members second.

This can be hard sometimes because you can see the kids really want to come on and train but if I allowed too many on the mat to train at any one time, it would be at the detriment of the others students training quality and I will never allow numbers to override our training standards.

I hope parents of non members can understand this and appreciate this. Make sure you are on the waiting list and as soon as more training times open up we will notify you and you can come in to train.

Sorry we could not get photos tonight as the Club Administrator was busy all evening with parents due to the student cut off in numbers so I used some from our sister club ( and it is also my Sensei’s club in Hawkes Bay New Zealand so thank you to Sensei Otis for the kind use of these images ), we will have images on Thursday ..promise :-)

Have a great week and see you all on Thursday.