New Wyndham Vale Kindy Kids Classes Starting Term 2

Group 2 Kindy Kids Classes Beginning Term 2

As most people know our 3 to 5 year old Kindy Kids classes are very popular, our Saturday 9.00am Group 1 class has been full for some time and has a large waiting list ( now over 50 parents waiting ). We have made the decision to start a new Saturday class ( Group 2 ) commencing term 2, this class will start at 10am and will run until 10.45am each Saturday of each school term.

Some people from the 9.00am waiting list will move to the 10.00am waiting list but many just want to wait for a 9.00am position to open up so we are taking names and contact details of people that want to go on the trial waiting list for this class. We are doing this booking by text which gives us a date and time stamp once we have spoken to you by phone… you can call on 1300 308 034 and speak about entering the waiting list.

Over the term 1 school break we will be calling all people on the Group 2 waiting list and booking your Term 2  3 to 5 year old trial session.

We look forward to seeing you and your kids in the fun filled class in term 2.

Kindy Kids New Classes Wyndham Vale Group 2