New Kids Play Equipment Added For Little Siblings

Pre School Play Equipment at Kaizen Martial Arts

Continuous and Never Ending Improvements for our Students and Parents It happens quite often that parents have to bring in younger family members while other family members train, we parents we realize this can be hard and to help parents we are setting up a play area for the under 5 year olds to keep […] Read more »

Our New Wyndham Vale Academy is Coming Together

Kaizen Martial Arts Wyndham Vale Academy

Well it has been a lot of work but we are getting close to finished, all the flooring was completed over christmas as was the reconfiguration of floor space. We are putting in a bigger space for parents that are brining in siblings that are too young to train, after we finish the safety fencing […] Read more »

Martial Arts for 3 to 5 Year Olds Classes Full

3 to 5 Year Old Martial Arts Classes in Wyndham Vale

New Classes Coming – Waiting Lists Are Now In Place It is actually with mixed feelings that i have to announce that our 3 to 5 year old martial arts classes are already full, we have now started a waiting list for entry into these classes. We had already added additional 3 to 5 year […] Read more »

Kaizen Kids All Medal In Invictus MMA Kids BJJ Competition

Kids BJJ Wyndham Vale

BJJ Coach Melbourne Team – 3 Gold Medals, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze It was a great day for all with the Kaizen Martial Arts Australia kids representing BJJ Coach Australia at the Invictus MMA Kids Competition today. Seven of our kids entered with 5 of the kids doing their very first Jiu Jitsu competition. There […] Read more »

Invictus Kids Jiu Jitsu Comp

Kaizen Martial Arts Wyndham Vale - BJJ Coach Melbourne

Please Support This Round Robin Kids Competition Close friend Prof. Dave Weston the owner and founder of the well know BJJ, MMA and Fitness training centre Invictus Mixed Martial Arts is running a kids round robin BJJ comp on Saturday the 26th of November. Please get your kids together and support this comp with everything […] Read more »

Book your Child’s Free Trial Classes Today

We live in a time were we need to know how to learn 2 high priority skills, the first is learn to swim because so many children’s lives are lost each year in this country through senseless drownings. The next skill is to be able to defend yourself, not because you want to fight people but […] Read more »

Kaizen Martial Arts Is Now A JJGF Certified Academy

Kaizen Martial Arts is now a certified JJGF academy

The Jiu Jitsu Global Federation ( JJGF ) founded by arguably the most famous of the Gracie family Master Rickson Gracie has now formally certified Kaizen Martial Arts Australia‘s Wyndham Vale ( BJJ Coach’s only Official Academy in Victoria ) training centre as a JJGF certified academy. This makes us one of only 5 academies […] Read more »

New Saturday Morning Classes for Kids

New Saturday Kids Self Defence Classes Wyndham Vale

NEW SATURDAY MORNING CLASSES START 8th OCTOBER We have had so much enquiry over the last 6 months that we have decided to open up new kids classes on Saturday morning. Many parents find it hard to get kids to training or would like to pick up an additional days training for their kids each week and […] Read more »