Kids Martial Arts in Wyndham – Another Full Dojo Week

Kids Martial Arts In WyndhamKids martial arts in Wyndham is growing and growing fast, another week of full classes, Thursday’s class was a little to full with all the newly signed up members in the room plus 7 new people trying out on the night, we also got all our new mats down so the dojo is now fully matted with Zebra mats with thanks to Pat from Grappling Store. The kids martial arts training is the corner stone of our dojo because that is where our future instructors and world class competitors with come from.

I am so please with the progress of the children in both their Shotokan Karate and in their Kodokan Judo, the skill level is increasing visibly each session so the kids are obviously practicing at home and I personally thank all the parents for this support. I also want to acknowledge the help given by parents and the student before the class and after the class to get the mats down on the dojo floor and then packed up.

Kids Martial Arts In Wyndham ValeThe work load had also increased and again this week we got no photos due the fitting everyone for their new gi’s, the good news is that it looks like this is all but done and we can get the orders in early next week, once all the kids get gi’s on we will look and feel a lot more like a martial arts club.

The success of the club is beyond our expectations and this comes back to the people involved, the parents for making the decision to bring their kids down and investing time to stay and watch, the kids for giving such a huge effort on the training full while still having a fun time, Cliff, Kate and Marilyn and the team at the community centre for their support and help and also to my wife for her massive effort in setting up the administration systems, measuring all the kids ( and some of the parents ) for gi’s and to my child for not only their help on the dojo floor but for the hours dropping flyers in letterboxes.

As a club we are fully committed to make sure that our students get the very best training possible so that they gain all the advantages available to them in sport and life, our training is tough, technical and strict but we never forget that kids need to enjoy what they are doing and learning needs to be fun to be long lasting

Month 1 of Kazien Martial Arts Australia club has been a massive success and we will only get better and better given the quality of parents, students and support.