Kids Judo Classes Kickoff In Wyndham Vale

First Class Judo for kids in Wyndham ValeKaizen Martial Arts Australia new Wyndham Vale dojo kicked off its Judo program on Thursday evening ( 6.45pm till 7.45pm ) at the Wyndham Community Learning Centre on Manor Lake Blvd. and the first session was a massive hit, the children learned about the importance of balance in Judo and in fact to all martial arts for kids.

After a warm up session to get the kids focused and to warm up their bodies for the kids judo training session we got into the formation of a correct judo front roll in it’s most basic form followed by the first formation of a standing forward Judo roll, the packed room handled the instruction well and all that attended grasped the techniques well. They all executed their individual front roll and standing rolls with solid precision, even if some were a little apprehensive in the beginning.

The session was broken up by inserting some Judo games that kids really enjoy and the intent of the games is to build strength and conditioning in the children participating as well as building conditioned movements that will needed as they progress in their judo syllabus and grading requirements.

One of the games that the kids played was that they had to pair off with one of the pair laying on the mats facing their partner and they then took hold of the center of the belt with both hands while there partner grabbed the other ends of the belt and used a specific pulling motion that they were taught in the class, the goal was to pull the partner that was lying on the mat to the other end , this was a tough exercise for the kids but they finished the game with smiles on their faces.

Judo Kids Finish ClassThis type of training really builds their skill and physical strength… as they get their Judogi ( training uniform at the end of February ) and we can move onto more specialized judo training they will do more specific games to increase the children’s judo skills.

A review of the techniques from the night was completed and then we let them release any additional energy with some pad striking, the kids seemed to find the additional energy from somewhere and really pounded those pads with the girls leading by example.


We are looking forward to a big week of training from all next week.. training well everyone and remember:

Learn, Focus, Training Hard and have Fun