Kaizen Wyndham Vale Adults Members Jiu Jitsu Seminar

The In-house Members only Seminar with Prof. Marcello was Incredible

This seminar was really focused on a linked sequence of techniques, counters and counter counters. The systematic approach impressed everyone as did the very hand on approach to helping each and every student on the floor demonstrated by Prof. Marcello.

The purpose of this seminar held for Kaizen Martial Arts Australia students was to open a new way of playing the game of BJJ from a competition perspective, given we focus 100% on Street Self Defence the guys and girls had a ball not having to be worried about being punched or elbowed in the face.

Prof. Marcello blew everyone away with his technical knowledge and precise approach to a thinking mans Jiu Jitsu game. It was great to see home give time to roll with everyone, one by one on the floor.

I also want to make a note of thanks to BJJ Black Belt Prof. Dave Weston better know as “Westy” from Invictus Gym in Tullamarine where many of the UFC stars go to train while in Melbourne . It was a please to share the mats with such a great person and BJJ Instructor.