Kaizen Martial Arts Kids Take BJJ Gold Medals

Ameeta and Caleb both represented Kaizen Martial Arts in the Metamorphica Kids Comp in Melton and it was a big turn out doing this great event and the place was packed with competitors, parents and coaches.

The event as usual was very well run and managed with the additional number of kids in our kids categories both Caleb and Ameeta had to fight 5 fights each.

Both the kids won GOLD… they won nearly all their fight by submission and it was great to see them using armbar subs, rear naked choke subs, bow and arrow subs to finish matches… a really great mix of different finishes across their 5 fights.

Ameeta also won a special award for her skill on the mat in this competition… incredible work team.

Just awesome guys and well done, many of your team mates will be joining you in comps in 2017


Caleb wins gold for Kaizen Martial Arts at Metamorphica Kids Comp