Kaizen Martial Arts Australia Inaugural Grading Day

Shotokan Karate grading teenSaturday June 30th was the big day for the Kaizen Martial Arts Australia inaugural grading day.  And what a fantastic day it turned out to be with twenty-seven candidates over three sessions attempting their 10th kyu in Shotokan Karate, Kodokan Judo and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.  There were lots of butterflies and nerves but the preparation and training of the last few months kicked in and everyone stepped up to get the job done convincingly.  What a tremendous display of focus, skill and precision.

Kodokan Judo grading kids

Sensei was eagle eyed as each participant went through their routines making notes for later feedback while I was behind the camera lens snap, snap, snapping away.  We also had assistance from our three sempei’s Kristopher, Briarna and Keanu with various duties throughout the day including stepping in and partnering students when required for the various martial arts techniques.  And of course we had a wonderful audience of family and friends encouraging and supporting the students.

Shotokan Karata grading kidsThe children’s martial arts grading comprised of both Shotokan Karate and Kodokan Judo components whilst the adults Fighting Strong grading comprised of Kodokan Judo and BJJ components.  Sensei Garry has had nearly forty years of martial arts experience in many different styles and believes the combination of Shotokan Karate, Kodokan Judo and BJJ brings together the skills required of a well rounded martial artist.  It is upon this belief that the Kaizen Martial Arts Australia grading syllabus is designed incorporating all of the traditional elements of the three styles.

Each session began with the bow in and then moved into warm up followed by stretching.  Next it was the formal part of the grading where students were asked to demonstrate each element of 10th kyu requirements.   A big sigh of relief could be heard as each candidate completed their sequences and returned to their seated position on the mat as the next two pupils were called up.  There were huge smiles and puffed up chests of pride not only from the participants but also from their families too as each session came to a close.BJJ Grading Adults

Congratulations to each and every one who took up to the challenge of your first grading.  You all performed to the best of your ability and should be very proud of your achievement, we certainly couldn’t have asked any more of you.

First class in term three will be very exciting as certificates and belts will be awarded and then it’ll be time for some well earned fun and games before we move into the next phase of learning.


Shotokan Karate grading RickyKodokan Judo grading adults  Kodokan Judo grading de ashi harai