Kaizen Kids BJJ Adds Another IBJJF Pan Pacific Kids Champion

Kaizen Martial Arts student Caleb has just won the 2017 IBJJF Pan Pacific Kids Championship…. Caleb won all his match’s by triangle choke submissions ( plus an armbar In the last fight ) beating competitors from as far away as De La Riva Academy in Chile…. Caleb is now the current 2017, Victorian State Champion, Australian National Champion and now the IBJJF Pan Pacific Kids Champion not to mention all the Grappling Industries Gold Medals and other Comp Gold Medals he has won this year in both Gi and in No-Gi.

Hi I am very proud of Calebs achievements representing BJJ Coach Globally and our academy Kaizen Martial Arts specifically. I also want to strongly acknowledge Coach Caine and the sensational work he has done in helping train with Caleb as well, it can be very hard to seperate the Coach from the Dad sometimes and Coach Caine has done a sensational job in this area. Thank you also to Coach Briarna and to all Caleb team mates in the new Comp Team for the fantastic rolls you have given which has helped Caleb achieve a clean sweep of every major title this year… The next focus is the Kids World Championships.

Our Comp Team is building, we have several more comps before the end of the year and I cannot wait to see how many more medals we can achieve for the BJJ Coach Association and for our Master Prof. Marcello C. Monteiro

Sensei Garry