Kaizen Kids All Medal In Invictus MMA Kids BJJ Competition

BJJ Coach Melbourne Team – 3 Gold Medals, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze

It was a great day for all with the Kaizen Martial Arts Australia kids representing BJJ Coach Australia at the Invictus MMA Kids Competition today. Seven of our kids entered with 5 of the kids doing their very first Jiu Jitsu competition.

There were over 130 kids in this great event and many of our first timers were so nervous at the start but they quickly got down to business and the end result was they each and everyone of our kids got on the podium for medals.

The BJJ Coach Melbourne team ended up with 4 Golds, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze, a great great result and a solid haul of medals. Some of our kids ended up fighting each other on the way to the finals which is hard but this is just part of comps.

Firstly I need shout out loud that I am so very proud of ALL the kids and there achievements in this Jiu Jitsu comp but i do want to mention a few people, first Laura-Lee who got accidentally kicked in the eye by her opponent in her very first fight and it swelled up so much she could barely see but where most would have quit she continued to fight on match after match to take the Bronze Medal.

The next is Kye, what can i say but he was on fire! fight after fight, win after win to take the Gold Medal and even more impressive to me is that he used the takedowns to subs that we had trained that week. We are a self defence academy and we do not have a comp focus at all, out of all the classes we run for kids each week only 1 hour is dedicated to those that want to do competition.

Now to Maddison, this young lady is incredible, what heart and commitment she has. She arrives ready to fight in the girls division only to find out that there was a bit of a stuff up and the only way she could compete in this comp was if she fought in the boys division… 5 fights, 4 wins and takes home a second place only losing to an orange belt with white stripe boy ( remember Maddie is a girl fighting in a boys division and is only a Grey Belt with White Stripe ). Many people on the day came up to Maddie and the coaches congratulating her on the Silver Medal and how well she fought.

There were also many positive comments from other coaches about Caleb and Ameeta as they continue on their unbroken Gold Medal run adding to their 2016 Medal collection with another set of Gold Medals

Cohen and Luca you guys did an awesome job to achieve Bronze Medals to fighting hard fights against strong opponents, in my eyes you are both winners… well done guys.

P.S. A massive and heart felt thank you to my daughter Briarna for managing the comp team on the day and to Coach Caine for his passionate support of the team and its members…. thank you both. Also that you to all the parents that attended to show your support for our kids.

Here are just a couple of the pics i have been sent so far ( I will add more as i get them ):