Kaizen 3 to 5 Year Old “Mini Jitz” New Classes Are Full

The 9am 3 to 5 year old Kindy Kids “Mini Jitz” class has been a massive success with not only classes being full but a huge waiting list to get into the 9.00am class.

At the start of Term 2, 2017 we opened a new class running at 10am and within 2 weeks this was also full and now the waiting list his starting to grow at a rapid rate for this class as well.

Unfortunately we have no more available time slots this year but our hope is to open up more 3 to 5 year old classes.

Our 6 to 13 year old classes run 6 days a week at our full time academy located at 504 to 510 Ballan Rd. Wyndham Vale.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 308 304

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