Judo Fun and Games, Learning through Play

Kids Judo Class Wyndham ValeAfter such an intense month of grading preparation our first Kodokan Judo class in term three was all about fun games and learning through play.Training had been really serious during June so now it was time to really have some hard earned fun.  And boy the kids really let loose, learning team building and communication skills through sticky sleeves and sticky sleeve hop not to mention spacial awareness.

The sqeals of laughter could be heard all through the community centre as the children honed their break fall skills by trying to unbalance each other with squat push into back break fall.

In rats & rabbits listening, speed and grappling skills were put to the test for our young jodokas as they start sitting back to back Sensei calls either rats or rabbits.  If rabbits are called, the rabbits have to scurry to their side of the room before being tagged by the rats and visa versa.

Kaizen Martial Arts Judo WerribeeThe 11-16’s class warmed up with knee slap and toe tap, which is all about hand eye co-ordination, reflexes, strategy and speed.  The aim is to slap your opponents knee whilst defending/protecting yours from being slapped.

For upper strength building we also had the belt pull race.  Again to refine the very important break fall technique the kids had loads of laughter with push squats.  Balance and strategy was key for the  wax on game (standing push) and wax on – stage two game (standing push on one leg).  Standing opposite your partner hands are held at shoulder height palms facing your partner as you try to push them off balance causing them to step off their position.

Kaizen Martial Arts Australia Judo Hoppers CrossingAs if the excited energy levels weren’t high enough already, Sensei Garry and Sempai Keanu really got everyone  restless as they demonstrated the sumo game.  The cheering and clapping nearly brought the roof down as each contender stepped onto the mat determined that they would be the victor.

Of course nobody realised, until now, just how much fun learning could be and how many skills they had accumulated since beginning training not so long ago.  Everyone loved sumo.

Now the Adults had worked just as hard as the kids and also deserved some amusement too.  And wow did they play hard realising their strengths and weaknesses with wax on and wax on – stage two, squat push, knee slap and toe tap and  finishing off with sumo.  These guys now had a new appreciation for the fitness and skill level of the children training at the club.