Huge Last Night Of BJJ Training at Kaizen Martial Arts for 2016

It Is Going To Be A BIG 2017

Friday the 16th of December was a great night of training for the kids, it was fantastic to see that many of our kids came in for the final training session for 2016. We totally unstained that a lot of our students could not come in due to other end of school and Christmas functions and we know that you were with us in spirit.

2016 was a fantastic year for everyone at Kaizen Martial Arts with awesome results from the people that entered competitions during the year, many achieved fantastic levels in their belt gradings and others achieved brilliant stripe grading results.

I am so proud to be the Instructor of our academy but i could not do what we do without the committed and dedicated BJJ and Judo Coaches that are on the floor helping in the classes. I want to firstly thank Briarna for her incredible and faultless commitment through the whole year, 6 days a week with only a couple of classes missed. Next to Caine for his passion and never ending drive to learn and perfect his teaching and coaching ability, to Kristopher who came on the floor when schooling commitments allowed, to Mike and the times he was able to be on the mat as well….

2017 is going to be a big year with lots of big things coming, we have put a huge effort into locking some major and exciting announcements that will help open up opportunities for both kids and adult students alike.

We have new merchandise coming, we will have the BJJ Coach Standard Gi’s, BJJ Coach Competition Gi’s, BJJ Coach T-Shirts, Belt Level Rash Guards and Shorts as well we BJJ Coach Gi Bags and both Kids and Adults BJJ Coach Curriculum DVD’s in stock

We will have a new line of academy competition Rash Guards, T-Shirts and Hoodies… they look insane, wow!

I am totally excited to start 2017 and we have only just closed for 2016… “You have to love what you do and fight for what you want”

I cannot finish 2016 without saying thank you to two people i respect and admire the first if 2nd degree BJJ Black Belt Prof. John Mirabella who has been my coach and instructor since the start of 2015 and the person that graded me to Brown Belt in BJJ. The second person is 4th degree BJJ Black Belt Prof. Marcello Monteiro who has been my friend and mentor since 2014 and I am proud to say that Kaizen Martial Arts and myself are part of the BJJ Coach global family under the MCMBJJ Global Association.

We had our first visit by Professor Marcello in September this year when he visited Melbourne for 2 weeks and i was honoured to get the opportunity to spend time training and rolling with him for many hours over many days and i thank him for that time, i also thank Prof Marcello for the time he dedicated to coaching my daughter Briarna and for his total belief that in only a few years she will be a World Champion given her current skill as a Blue Belt.

Personally and as an academy i could not be prouder to be part of such an incredible association and get the opportunity to represent Prof. Marcello as the only certified BJJ Coach academy in Melbourne…. but watch this space grow across Australia in the next few years just as it has done globally over the last few years.


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