Book Your Child in For Term 4 Self Defence Before The Rush

Every Year In The Days Just Before School Starts We Get Swamped

Are you looking for your children to learn Self Defence – Do Not Miss Out?

As parents we need to take our children safety very seriously, the level of school bullying in not going down it is accelerating and unfortunately more and more of our children are falling victim to this stupidity at school and outside school.

We need to enable our children to be able to first and foremost avoid these situations but when this is just not possible we need to know that our children can effectively look after themselves and come home safe.

In additional to learning how to be safe though Self Defence and Anti-Bullying strategies, kids gain many more benefits. Fitness, weight Loss, Self Confidence, Self Belief, Discipline, Focus and Greater Attention Span just to name a few.

It has been shown that children that engage in Martial Arts perform better at school scholastically because of their great ability to focus and handle the increasing pressure of school work.

We operate 6 days a week and if you would like to book a Free Trial Week of lesson to see if this is right for your child please just call us on 1300 308 304 or goto our contact page and send us a message. The perfect time to do this is during the school break so your children can start as soon as they get back to school.

Parents ask about how we help you make like easier though our unique classes scheduling that allows parents the most flexible and sensible way of getting you kids to training on the nights that suite you and not when it suits us, it is a real breakthrough for parents on tight schedules.


Term 4 Self Defence Classes Wyndham Vale