BJJ Students Enjoy Prof. Marcello Adult Open Seminar

Great Techniques, great Tip and Tricks To Improve Your Jiu Jitsu Game

It was fantastic to see so many excited students on the floor from white belts, to blue belts, to purple belts, to brown belts and black belts enjoying the day and going through techniques that challenged by motivated them.

Seeing the value of not only the individual technique but even better seeing how they link together when a technique was applied, then a counter was made and then a counter to the counter. Each flowing seamlessly from each other, allowing attendees to improve their understanding of the Jiu Jitsu game.

The thing that stood out to many and so many comment made about was not the big things but in fact the smaller, less seen and understood components of the game. A grip change or a hand position to the way body position was used and seeing the incredible change in the effectiveness of the techniques… mind blowing to all that attended no matter what the belt level.

A special mention to two instructors, their students and clubs, the first is Heath the head of Metamorphica MMA from Melton for his incredible support, it was great having his skilled team on the floor. Secondly to Vince the head BJJ Black Belt Instructor at Elev8 MMA for coming to share the seminar with us and for his team members that came with him.