BAM – BAM Shotokan Karate Training Time

Kids Shotokan Karate Classes Streaching The new Kaizen Martial Arts Australia Kids Karate and Kids Judo class times came into effect last night and we split the classes up with 6 to 10 years olds coming from 4.30pm to 5.30pm and then the 11 to 16 year olds coming from 5.30 to 6.30pm and this format was much more effective as we were able to bring class sized down a little and the focus of the training was better suited to each individual age group.

In the first class the younger kids really put in an amazing effort in the worm up and continued this by not only completing their combination floor work with ease but they also completed their first grading kata with Japanese terminology from start to finish, over the coming month we will work on individual technique components to really tighten up the precision of the deliver… I was massively impressed.

We finished the class with games and a quite session of meditation where the kids run through in their minds what they learned in that class.

The came the bigger kids and the tempo cranked up a few notches, the warm up was harder with a focus on building leg strength so lots of low horse riding stance and then some explosive moves from that position, we then went into a pad workout session with the key focus points being on just a small group of techniques, specifically left and right mid level punches, groin snap kick, front kick and then these techniques in combination.

Kids Shotoks Karate Kicking PracticeWith the older group there is a much higher intensity from the outset on correct techniques so these guys and girls get pushed so strict adherence to form and position, the room was split into 3 groups and run through a drill of punches, then kicks and then finally combinations of both… the class really love the pad work as it give them a feeling of real contact and resistance which will serve them well over time and we move into randori ( free sparring ).

These drills and exercises will provide training for both accuracy, timing, balance and correct use of the body for maximum impact and effectiveness.

Shotokan Karate Kata Training in Kids ClassFrom this point we did kata training again with an increased level of importance being placed on body position, breathing, leg, arm and fist placement, the older students handled the increase in pressure much better than I honestly expected and their outcomes on the dojo floor are well ahead of most students at this point in their training.

Over the next few weeks the pressure will increase as we expect more and more from the kids in relation to their focus, discipline and attention to their techniques, I know these guys and girls are up to the challenge.


Kids Shotokan Karate Class FinishingAgain both classes were full and even though this week is the first time with the new classes added we are already full based on the sign ups last night, so I encourage anyone that is thinking of wanting to train with us, get on the waiting list ASAP, that way you give yourself the greatest chance of being called as soon as a spot opens up. As soon as possible we will open more nights and more classes so if you are on the waiting list you will gain the advantage of being first notified.

Looking forward to Thursday… talk to you all after that class.. Learn, Focus, Train Hard and Have Fun!