Adult Self Defence Classes Continue to Grow in Wyndham Vale

Kaizen Beginner Adults Classes continue to grow at Wyndham Vale with classes running on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So great to see so many adults joining us on the mats to get fitter, lose weight and learn self defence.

So interesting to hear the new people joining us saying how they were frightened for so long to start training as they thought they were to unfit but now that they have a few classes under their new belts they only wish they would have started years ago.

Also great to see the new ladies joining us on the mats and really getting into the swing of the Self Defence classes

Don’t hesitate come and join us on the mats, great people, friendly environment and a real family atmosphere.

Kaizen-BJJ-and-Judo-begginers-Class-Bow-in Kaizen-Beginner-Adults-Warm-Up-1