3 to 5 Year Old BJJ and Judo Group 1 and 2 Class Now Full

The success of our 3 to 5 year old program is without question, kids love it, parents love it and we love it but with that success has come a limitation and that is
and currently we are unable to take more students and we have started a waiting list, If you are interested in your 3 to 5 year old learning martial arts in our ‘Little Ninja’s’ program.

Simply call 1300 308 034 and get your child on the waiting list, as kids turn 6 and move up into the full kids class this opens up places and we call people back to book their trial class based on the date and time they were put on the waiting list.

We may open up a Group 3 early Saturday morning class or a Sunday morning class in 2018 and will post here and on our Facebook page once this is happening.


Kindy Kids 3 to 5 year old BJJ Coach and Judo Classes