2 Weeks of Crazy BJJ Instruction and Seminars in Wyndham Vale

It is a sad morning for us, for the last 2 weeks we have had Prof. Marcello C. Monteiro staying with us and sharing time at our academy. But all good times come to an end and this morning i must say goodbye at least for a while as i take Prof. Marcello to the airport and he will continue his journey to Sydney.

What a pleasure it has been to share so much time on the mat learning, rolling, learning and more learning. Before Prof. Marcello arrived i was told by friends in the US that he was a walking Jiu Jitsu encyclopaedia and even though we have know each other since 2014 and have spent a lot of time talking with each other everything i heard did not prepare me for the what this man knows… his knowledge of BJJ and of the history of Jiu Jitsu in Brazil was staggering.

All the little tips, tricks, setups and his crazy half guard and deep half guard game has blown not just me but many other well known Jiu Jitsu academy owners away. The most common comment that i have heard from BJJ Black Belts that have meet with him is how they felt like a white belt after spending time with him.

Also thank you from the bottom of my heart for the immense time you invested in Briarna Kewish and working on her game… Briarna is so very appreciative of what you have done for her.

Having said all that Prof. Marcello is also such a giving, kind and loving human being, i am blessed to be able to call him a friend and he is always welcome in our home as part of our family…

Travel safe Prof. Marcello C. Monteiro and we will see each other again in the not to distant future, thank you for your support and for all the knowledge you have provided us during your stay.

Wyndham Vale BJJ Coach - Garry Kewish and Marcello Monteiro

Garry, Anna, Briarna, Kristopher and Keanu
And the entire Kaizen Martial Arts Team